col·lec·tive (noun)

A group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project or projects to achieve a common objective. Collective consciousness is a term created by French social theorist Émile Durkheim that describes how an entire community comes together to share similar values.


Thank you, Hill Country Neighbors!

Your participation and support regarding Champion Tract 3 for the past three years has been amazing. We couldn't have endured it without you. Unfortunately, Mayor Adler voted against us and the extreme environmental waivers were re-instated by a 6-5 vote at the February 15 City Council meeting.

However, an alternative proposal was presented to the LAC directors just days before the City Council meeting. Jonathan Coon, who purchased the "Camelback" tract that runs from the Pennybacker bridge to City Park Road, expressed interest in purchasing Tract 3 and developing it less intensely than what Slate Real Estate planned with the 325-unit apartment complex. Mr. Coon would like to share his conceptual plans with all the area residents. If you are interested, please plan to attend a meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday, Feb 20 at the Austin Country Club. The Country Club is located at 4408 Long Champ Drive and the meeting will be in the Riverside Room. <read more>


Please help support our collective cause with a donation to the LAC legal fund.

Not only does Lake Austin serve as a significant source of drinking water for citizens in and around Austin, it provides spectacular recreational and scenic opportunities. Send contributing information or questions to