col·lec·tive (noun)

A group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project or projects to achieve a common objective. Collective consciousness is a term created by French social theorist Émile Durkheim that describes how an entire community comes together to share similar values.


News Updates

THANK YOU to all residents who contacted City Council and attended the December 14th meeting. We had strong support from the area and city-wide! Around 11pm an exhausted City Council voted to move the final vote on the Champion Tract 3 environmental waivers and variances to February, with a review and recommendation from the Environmental Commission when it meets in January. We will continue our efforts to right a big wrong before the Council takes final action in February 2018!  review the details

The Zoning & Platting Commission voted 6-3 to DENY the Champion Tract 1C upzoning request at its Tuesday, Dec 5 meeting. Thank you to all the residents who sent email, and very special thanks to those who attended the meeting. You all made a difference! Next stop is City Council hearing on 1 February 2018. review the details


Please help support our collective cause with a donation to the LAC legal fund.

Not only does Lake Austin serve as a significant source of drinking water for citizens in and around Austin, it provides spectacular recreational and scenic opportunities. Send contributing information or questions to